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Social media is considered one of the most vital conversational tools for nurturing programs especially in the case of B2B organizations. Direct to consumer connectivity and immediate results are just a few reasons why your business needs to venture into the social media world.

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What We Offer

Having a successful social media front isn’t an easy feat to achieve. Well planned strategies and timed execution are critical for business success.

Social Media Strategy Development

We extend a variety of high-value social media marketing consulting services that help accomplish major business goals with organized social media activities.

Social Media Advertising Management

Advertising on social media has plentiful benefits and we help you organize these social media advertising campaigns so as to fetch the best results.

Social Media Content Creation

Attractive and engaging posts can be the key to capturing your prospect’s attention. We provide a range of social media post creation and content writing services for better visibility.

The Indispensability Of Social Media Marketing

Drawing customers towards your business is one of the most critical accomplishments of marketing. Social media definitely provides enhanced opportunities to capture, convince and convert customers. Reach out to more customers with social media through various ways that include:

Providing links to engaging blogs/articles.

Utilizing Games, contests and giveaways for faster customer inflow.

Direct communication with the customers.

ppc marketing services

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Result-Oriented Social Media Marketing

Drive qualified leads, keep them engaged and convert them faster with our social media marketing services.

Creative Videos & Images

The social media is all about impressions and what better way to create them than clever use of videos, slide shares and images that help convey messages effectively.

Social PR

Maintaining a reputation on the social media is no easy task. With our services, rest assured all your posts and conversations are managed with great care.

Social Advertising PPC

Social media advertising through pay per click ads is the best way to acquire qualified leads that convert easily.

Data Analysis

Whether you want to track the performance of your posts or want periodic reports of your campaign progress, we help track it all at affordable prices!


Reach More Through Facebook

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook can be the best platform to introduce your brand to the audience. Sharing relevant content, running campaigns and keeping your audience engaged is easy through Facebook.

  • Enhanced audience volume- followers & likes
  • Verified, relevant, real followers

Join The Trend With Hashtags

Twitter with its humungous user volume of over 330 million and counting can be used to strike meaningful conversations directly with customers.

  • Seasonal promotions.
  • Content engagement

Link With Clients & Build Trust

Reaching more than 500 million professionals globally, LinkedIn offers the perfect platform to get your brand message across.

  • Enquiries and sales leads
  • Improved Google Map Rankings for local business

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How We Bring Traffic?

For Your Goals, We Promise The Best Results!

Your Own Social Media Manager

We appoint a Social Media Manager to help assist at every step of the project planning and execution. This individual will be your go to person for any queries or challenges you may encounter during the progress of your project.

Original Content Development

We translate your ideas and brand story into words that spread your brand message by drafting engaging content in various forms. But for every content piece, we will look to you for approval and improvement advice.

Monitoring And Managing Your Growth

We monitor your project progress at every stage and help tweak its performance for the best outcomes.

Monthly Reports

You can easily keep track of monthly performance of your social media marketing by availing regular reports from your Social Media manager.

Social Media Marketing FAQs.

How does social media help B2B companies?

B2B companies need to connect with their clients at various levels and social media offers multiple opportunities for B2B companies to connect, nurture and convert their leads.

Does being on social media really make a difference?

For Sure! It definitely makes a lot of difference if your brand has a social media presence. Whatever the nature of business, the growing social media user volume has made it important for businesses to develop connections with their clientele on social media as well.

Will the posts be relevant to my business?

Of Course! Relevance is an important aspect of social media marketing and our social media marketing services promise complete relevance and compatibility with your business goals.

I don’t have social media accounts for my business.

Don’t worry! Ozweb Technologies helps you build your social media profiles from scratch and helps you establish effective social media presence.

Should I outsource my social media marketing?

Outsourcing social media marketing to an expert service provider like Ozweb Technologies can help you reduce the burden on your marketing team and thus help increase their productivity.

What kind of content goes into these posts?

The Content we offer can be of various types ranging from informational articles to DIY marketing hacks. What is vital is that the content is relevant, engaging and keeps your customers coming back for more!

Can we contribute posts too?

Why Not! Creativity flourishes in team work and we are a part of your team so as much as we contribute to your social media platforms you can too.

Is it possible to review these posts before they go live?

Sure! We make sure we have your reviews on every post and every new strategy we implement.

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