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Watch Your Campaigns Win Sales With Focused Google Ads

If you are aiming at demand generation and customer acquisition then pay per click advertising should be your go to solution. Google AdWords now known as Google Ads is a platform that requires complete knowledge of its functioning to give the desired results. Hence, most companies opt for expert PPC Marketing agencies to take advantage of this revolutionary tool.

PPC campaigns need to be powered with adequate research and analysis to yield the desired results. At Ozweb Technologies, we structure your PPC campaigns taking into account every details so that your ideal customer reaches you faster than you thought possible!

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Experience Impactful Pay Per Click Marketing

Right from structuring targeted PPC Campaigns to quantifying and driving the desired results, we do it all! Ozweb Technologies offers a range of Pay Per Click Marketing services that are sure to drive more profits than you expect!

PPC Audit

PPC Audit

Our PPC campaign experts analyze your current and past PPC campaigns to locate voids and inconsistencies so that they can restructure your PPC strategy for enhanced ROI and better customer acquisition.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

Utilizing a range of expert tools, our certified specialists conduct an in-depth evaluation of your paid search patterns. Based on this evaluation, they refine your keyword list for better performance.

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

With eye-catching headlines, engaging content, precision- targeted keywords and high performing CTAs, our PPC experts combine the power of SEO and PPC Ads to get consistent flow of leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our PPC Marketing management services include engaging PPC advertisements, optimized landing page designs, and user-friendly lead generation forms to win leads and accentuate your conversion rate.

Paid Search

Avail our PPC Marketing services to make your brand reach and stay at the top of search results. Our paid search experts work on specific PPC bidding strategies to enhance ranking and impression share.

Shopping Ads

With eCommerce PPC certified experts on board, we channelize our expertise to ensure you get an increased customer base from the shopping ads and an enhanced conversion rate.

Google Ads Account Management

Take advantage of the perks of your Google Ads account with our assistive services that include keyword audit, ad copy analysis, google display campaigns, mobile optimization etc.

A/B Testing

Our team of Google certified PPC experts uses state of the art tools and techniques to optimize landing pages and enhance PPC campaign performance so as to facilitate greater ROI.

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See why we are consistently rated as the best website design agency for businesses like yours.

How We Make Your PPC Campaigns Fetch Better Results

With an in-house team of certified PPC specialist onboard, Ozweb Technologies works towards winning your business more leads and greater ROI. Here are some advantages you are bound to experience with our services:

Dedicated Project Experts

No matter how small or big your project, we assign our Google Ads certified experts to conduct audits, optimize campaigns and guide you all the way to better outcomes.

Lower Ad Costs and CPC

Our services provide the added advantage of lower ad costs, cost per click and enhance your quality score in the process.

Better Targeting and Conversion

Low ROI and a limited customer base are all consequences of inefficient Ad Targeting. Ozweb Technologies accentuates Google Ad targeting and in turn help increase conversion rates.

Advanced Ad Testing

Our team of experts uses a range of tools and tactics to optimize your PPC marketing campaigns with extensive testing for each technique so as to corner down to the best performing version.

Enhanced Customer Retention and ROI

Our PPC marketing and management strategy custom designed for your target audience will ensure enhanced customer retention and greater ROI.

Timely Reports

We provide regular detailed reports to highlight every aspect of our services and their impact on your campaigns thereby providing insights that aid in getting the best results.

PPC Marketing FAQs.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC Marketing involves the creation of precision-targeted Google Ad campaigns to win more leads, enhance conversion rate and fetch better ROI. Based on the intricate Google AdWords technicalities, PPC Marketing requires a professional and experienced approach such as the one Ozweb Technologies promises.

What is Paid Search management?

Search Engines such as Google and Bing allow businesses to launch ads on their search engine pages to precision-targeted, market-centric audiences based on high performing keywords. Some important considerations to launch successful and impactful campaigns include Keyword research and selection, ad structuring, testing, tracking of ad performance and consistent bid adjustments.

Does my business need PPC Advertising?

Demand Generation and Customer Retention are two main objectives businesses work around. Pay Per Click Ads or Paid Search Advertising just make digital marketing campaigns a whole lot easier. So if website traffic, quality leads and profitable sales are what you are looking for then PPC is definitely where you should begin with!

Why is PPC Advertising important?

Pay per click advertising provides businesses a consistent stream of qualified traffic. Being an important part of targeted marketing strategy, it is often paired with SEO to utilize high performing keywords in order to facilitate faster conversions and greater ROI.

How do Pay Per Click Ad campaigns work?

Targeted Ads are created and are placed on popular search engines which show up when consumers are looking for a product you offer. These Ads are created under specific keywords that aptly describe your products or services. Once that’s done, you decide how much you are willing to pay per click for every visitor/prospective customer that the search engine sends to your website.

How do landing pages help paid ad campaigns?

Most of the time, a well-built website is enough to win leads and sales. But if the website lacks key features such as clear CTAs or effective contact forms, landing pages maybe created to add the necessary finesse to the website. An in-depth study of the website, traffic flow and conversion rate data needs to be done before deciding on the requirement of creating new landing pages.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is a process of procuring enhanced organic, unpaid ranking on search engine results with the help of relevant keywords. SEM, on the other hand, is a form of paid search or marketing that works by placement of advertisements on search engine results based on high performing keywords. SEO yields a greater ROI over the long term but is a time consuming technique and requires quite some time to show results. Whereas SEM guarantees good ROI in a shorter period and results are immediate. The paid ads in SEM help to immediately enhance the flow of web traffic, leads and sales. An effective marketing strategy is one that involves well executed SEO as well as SEM.

Do you manage Shopping Campaigns too?

Yes! For Sure! Our certified Paid experts execute and manage every step of the Google shopping campaign on behalf of the client and work towards the success of the campaign which in turn would mean better ROI for business.

How can retargeting campaigns help my business?

Retargeting campaigns can be helpful in bringing back prospective customers to your website. Our experienced team of PPC specialists helps structure strategically designed retargeting campaigns that will surely bring those prospective clients back to your website.

How much will PPC Marketing cost?

Usually PPC Marketing campaigns are designed to match your advertising budget. While we usually work well within your advertising spend, we promise to deliver the best results in terms of leads, conversions and sales ROI. If you are unable to provide us with a budget, then we give you options of campaigns varying in cost structures for you to choose from.

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